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Utawaremono - Kamen
Valkyrue Drive Mermaid
Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride

6 -maybe fail.
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Let me see....

Todays requirement: 360 minutes

I was good and it was on before midnight....

01:22 ~keine > vorpal > *link redacted* << repost.. didnt care so much for 1st chapter.. but second two............

it was too much to take after reading.... so that ended after 82 minutes... leaving 278 minutes needed.......

then I forgot about it...

back on just a bit ago at 8:40.... so 3 hours 20 minutes left in the day... or 200 minutes...

so yeah, even if I don't remove... ill be shy 78 minutes....

so tomorrow should have been 7 hours... so buy rules .. +1 hour punishment for fail + the 78 minute deficit... totals 9 hours 18 minutes.

add back in the 200 minutes... 12 hours 38 minutes.

if I go by the 30 minute rule set... only need 3 hours today... so taht would be just 98 minutes which can be easily done.

*sighs* I guess I have to decide which path I am on....

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12:08-5:08 done.

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already thinking the challenge is a bad idea maybe.... 40% into today's fun.

4 hour
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4 hour for day 4 complete.

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For future: KAMPFER

I think these series are still in works

My Watches

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/54520.html KANCOLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE#EE

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/29422.html maiden 2013
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/42752.html student council something or other.

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/49638.html Sailor Moon!~~~~!!#$@!~~~@~!@~~!#$@

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/50009.html swordo arto onlieno

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/35651.html rwwwwwwby

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/52014.html Fate/stay night UBW

Club Watches

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/47577.html Super Sonico ... 4. medium high watch level
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/48266.html Natsume .... 4 must finish.
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/46301.html- nichijou .... 4..
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/49693.html scrapped princess... 4.. should watch this more
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/43482.html now and then, here and there ... 4 .. going to be good ne.
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/51728.html ..4 .... MAGIC AND LOVE!

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/45894.html - Dennou coil ... 4..
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/43049.html Orgass ... 4 ..
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/48449.html ao no exercist ..4..
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/44181.html queens blade ... 4...
http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/49235.html mental disorders are fun .. 4

Need to start:

Need to finish to 4....

http://anime-discuss.livejournal.com/45391.html?view=361551#t361551 haunted junction ... NEEED 2 MORE HERE AT LEAST ..2...

need to watch...

confused cow
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keine almost feels.... dirty... that a simple purchase has made her so horny... didn't really think much of it when i bought it... but once it was here... keine has perved out.... must be totally insane....... and bad.. and stuff...

Keine Cosplay Blog
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Well... since I may, or may not, be going to AO ... and well various other things... have picked up my desire to cosplay again. Those who know me a long time know that I actually started such a cosplay 4 or so years ago. I actually did an okay... I took a vest pattern and tried to modify it to be a dress, because no dress pattern i could find had the right v-neck. Sadly in my modifications, I completely messed up the collars and things. Never finished it. Anyhow...

So starting over I guess.. but going to go the easy route (my sewing machine is messed up anyhow from sewing too much leather)...

So lets see..

In Process

Dress: Orderd 4/1 MC ... sewing time = "7-12 workdays" and then will be shipped out from I guess its HK? not sure. IT will give me a pattern to make duplicate for make a green version :)
Underdress: Ordered 4/1 .. see above .. the underdress arm straps have a few too few straps for my liking.. needs more criss-cross, but thats okay.
Baggy panties: Order 4/1 .. see above
keine bow chest: ordered 4/1 .. see above

Wig: CF Ordered 4/1 (different vendor) ... sadly it is single color... I much rather it be a multi-grade color with the highlights... i much prefer that but oh well. Supposed to be here by 5/1

Shoes: Ordered something that is like them, but need to add ribbons and bows :)

Breasts: I've tried everything to make them grow again.. but yeah... not happening... so I dont make it when it comes to what keine is supposed to have... so ordered some stuff to help with that too... 4/3

Still to come

Keine hat: the MC order includes a hat, but it sucks. So need to design and make something better.
Keine scroll: no idea yet
keine socks: have some thoughuts but not conclusive

some other logical things to figure out... I rarely wear pocketless outfits... so yeah...

Uneventful day
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Today my students were rather well behaved. Only had to cave cirno a couple of times, so maybe she is starting to get her act together. 

Not my real journal
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been ages since I've been here.. but yes, this isn't the journal your looking for.


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